Polygiene® partners with Zeynar to collectively provide social value and build a sustainable future

Reimagining product protection to help drive a sustainability revolution, Polygiene® and material partner Zeynar are working in tandem to redefine fashion and lifestyle product offerings.


3 ways to reduce exposure to air pollution

The last few decades have seen an unprecedented explosion in industry, as well as in technology. These two factors have led to a huge increase in the amount of resources we’re consuming when it comes to fossil fuels and also when it comes to trees. Oceans and forests play a significant role in our ability to live on this planet, with important filtering qualities regarding oxygen and carbon dioxide.


Guarding the next generation of sports stars – National Mouthguard Day with OPRO and Polygiene BioMaster

OPRO have been keeping athletes smiling for years, providing them with custom-fit mouthguard technology. To promote the importance of protection in all types of contact sports - especially for younger athletes - OPRO has declared September 5th as #NationalMouthguardDay. The aim is to encourage kids to wear mouthguards when participating in sports such as hockey and rugby, where there is potential contact and possible injury to the mouth.

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