Bluetherm One wireless thermometer reduces hygiene risk

Storing and cooking food at the correct temperature is critical to any busy restaurant, cafes, bar or food outlet where food safety is paramount.

Digital thermometer manufacturer Electronic Temperature Instruments (ETI) Ltd has designed and launched one of the most powerful and sophisticated temperature measuring systems available to the catering industry, featuring Biomaster antibacterial technology.

The BlueTherm One thermometer allows the users to monitor temperatures remotely and transmit temperature data to an iOS, Android, Windows Desktop/CE mobile or Bluetooth wireless device via a secure connection.

The device will securely transmit temperature data up to a maximum of 20 metres.

Each unit is housed in a rugged, water resistant case with inbuilt Biomaster antibacterial technology which prevents cross-contamination from dangerous foodborne pathogens such as Campylobacter, E.coli and Listeria. Biomaster works 24/7 for the lifetime of the thermometer.

The BlueTherm ‘Pro App’ software is available as a free download. It allows multiple alarms so a process ‘profile’ can be created. The software displays the max/min temperature and provides simple-to-set high and low alarms.

Since the company was established 33 years ago, ETI has developed a reputation as Britain’s foremost manufacturer and supplier of quality specialists in the design & manufacture of temperature measuring equipment.

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