四月 2, 2020

Polygiene launches ViralOff, a Polygiene technology

The application for the ViralOff® antiviral technology will range from medical equipment and wear, like scrubs and uniforms to consumer products where antiviral properties make sense, like face masks, gloves and other crucial products. .. read more
三月 23, 2020


這段時間,隨著世界對新冠狀病毒的關注,我們收到了來自品牌客戶和公眾的許多問題,如:Polygiene是否對病毒有抑制作用,如果是,那它究竟是如何起作用的。.. read more
三月 11, 2020

Polygiene biostatic treatment inhibits virus

As the world is focused on the novel Coronavirus, we have received many questions and requests from customers and the public regarding if and how the Polygiene biostatic stays fresh treatment prevent virus... read more
十月 4, 2019

Sustainable Fashion for Cleaner Oceans

Did you know that every year, 8 million tons of plastic end up in the world’s oceans and seas? And if you did, you probably can’t even imagine how 8 million tons of garbage looks like!.. read more