Product release and reviews of 2XU with Polygiene Stays Fresh Technology

Founded 2005 in Melbourne Australia, 2XU has grown into one of the world’s most renowned compression wear brands. We at Polygiene are more than excited that 2XU also provides apparel that stays fresh. 2XU compression wear is designed and tested in consultation with sports scientists and industry experts, and backed by independent, scientific research by the Australian Institute of Sport and other leading research teams.

With Polygiene Stays Fresh Technology, the compression quality in the products and the products themselves last longer because the garments do not need to be washed as often.2X U compression helps reduce muscle fatigue and soreness, muscle damage and the risk of overuse injuries. For runners, triathletes, basketball and football players, and athletes who love high-intensity interval training, it improves agility, performance, muscle alignment as well as helps with faster muscle recovery.

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