Polygiene® partners with Zeynar to collectively provide social value and build a sustainable future

Reimagining product protection to help drive a sustainability revolution, Polygiene® and material partner Zeynar are working in tandem to redefine fashion and lifestyle product offerings.

Producing market-dyed and printed fabrics for the lifestyle industry, Zeynar works towards providing social value with minimum environmental impact. Based in Turkey, the textile manufacturer continues to improve and innovate its processes to achieve its sustainable goals by managing water consumption, reducing waste, and limiting energy use. 

Sales and Marketing Manager at Zeynar, Emine Dereli, said: “Partnering with Polygiene® has made it possible to pave steps of change towards a more sustainable future.”

Polygiene® technology offers innovative product solutions that can be integrated into textiles to promote freshness by reducing odor and preventing the growth of bacteria – that means garments can be worn more frequently before they need washing, reducing water consumption and improving longevity. 

“We use Polygiene® StayFresh and Polygiene® OdorCrunch within our fabrics to ensure we produce textiles that last. Longer-lasting products mean less waste and greater customer satisfaction which, in turn, contributes positively towards protecting our planet and our ambitious goals,” said Emine Dereli.

And it’s not just water saved from limited washing that contributes towards the company’s sustainability goals. Zeynar’s holistic focus on water management ensures water is recycled, consumption from machinery is managed, and processes are reviewed regularly. 

The company, which has ISO 50001 Energy Management System certification, also carefully considers waste, chemical, and energy management in its initiatives, aligning with Polygiene’s efforts to minimize the impact on the world’s natural resources.

“Mindful Living® is at the heart of everything we do. By integrating anti-bacterial Polygiene® StayFresh and odor-absorbing Polygiene® OdorCrunch technologies, consumers can save time, money, and water by washing less while selecting products that are more durable and ultimately better for the environment” said Ulrika Björk, CEO of Polygiene.

Polygiene and Zeynar are committed to a collaboration that aims to provide greener, more functional, and robust fashion and lifestyle products.